Liar, liar, pants on fire

“You lie!” — Joe Wilson, Republican of South Carolina. Talk about shock and awe. The Dems are shocked, shocked, I tells ya, that anyone would publicly call out a liar. Oh, and, of course, the Congressional Black Caucus is all set to tar and feather Joe Wilson, because it must be racist for someone to call out a black president who happens to be a liar.

The Black Caucus’ house organ, the Washington Post, writes a fairly sympathetic editorial news story on page one today. The casus belli? Whether or not illegal immigrants will be covered by the health bills now churning through Congress.

Depends who you ask, and how you ask. Obama the Magic President reduced the claimed number of uninsured to 30 million from 47 million, overnight. Why? Likely because he’d been caught in his lie that illegals would not be covered. They were (or still are, depending on which of at least six bills you go blind reading). But the point is that, when Obama made his pledge that illegals wouldn’t be covered, they very much were still included in the language of the bills in circulation.

Is Joe Wilson a racist because he called a black man a liar? Only if that black man clearly wasn’t lying, which is, well, at the very best, unclear. Joe apologized for his outburst, and his apology was graciously accepted by the White House. Not so gracious is the racialist grievance crowd, led by one J. Clyburn (Black Caucus-South Carolina), who wants to tar and feather Wilson and ride him out of Congress on a rail.

This is all fun, and it shows the idiocies of blacks (and their patronizing white liberal enablers) who are soooo sensitive that they can’t take the rough and tumble of partisan politics. Take a breath, boys and girls, and be adults. The more you fuss and fume about an impolite shout-out, the more attention it takes away from any reasonable debate on health care.

Which is what you would be focused on, if you were public servants and not tribal representatives.


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