A thank you

Victor Davis Hanson should be a first-read whenever he publishes. Today’s column at NRO is no exception. Reading him is akin to diving into an ice-cold pond fed by mountain run-off. Refreshing; invigorating; driving away the intellectual cobwebs. VDH, a military historian, traffics in hard, inconvenient truths.

By hard truths, I mean factual statements of the sort condemned by our friends on the left as being racist, homophobic, islamophobic, or any of the other current pantheon of politically correct epithets.

Now, when I was younger and more foolish, I hung around with some liberal churchmen who used to admonish us to always “speak truth to power.”

It did not occur to me at the time that the speaking of truth was somehow the sole province of those on the left. The notion that conservatives might actually have a portion of the truth was not even considered.

Live and learn, I suppose. I’m older, and, one may hope, less foolish today. I find very few on the left who seem to be speaking any kind of truth to any one who holds power. These days it seems it is the ordinary citizen who is the target of lefty truthspeak.

I wonder if they have a Two Minutes’ Hate over at the Democratic National Committee for such as VDH? Don’t know, but I do know that he does speak truth to power these days.


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