Wow, Derb, don’t be shy, tell us what you really think. Obamarrhoids is a new one to me; I’ve always preferred Obamatons, strongly implying that those who follow Dear Leader Barack have, at the very least, drunk deeply of the Kool Aid.

From John Derbyshire at the Corner, a plaint about the fecklessness of Obama and company and our adventure in Afghanistan:

Nuke ‘Em, Bribe ‘Em, or Leave ‘Em Alone

Can anyone tell me what the %#*!&% we’re doing in Afghanistan? I’m darned if I know. I suspect the true answer is to be found in a certain old WW1 marching song.

Eight years in, and there is “heavy Taliban activity across 80 percent of Afghanistan”

Eight years, and we still haven’t figured out whom we need to bribe to keep al-Qaeda from setting up bases there? What’s so difficult?

And not only do the Obamarrhoids want to keep this futile war going, they want to fight it nicely, only hurting the bad people . . . who are, you know, so easy to distinguish from random herdsfolk. Sheesh. meanwhile our guys are getting maimed and killed in this futility.

For goodness’ sake, let’s distribute a few truckloads of greenbacks to the right people, then get the heck out of there.

Would that it were that simple, but the larger point is how two-faced and feckless Obama has been about the entire subject of the “good war,” the “necessary war.”

Conservative opinion seems, mostly, to agree that Afghanistan is worth fighting. Mostly. Some of us who think we are conservative have doubts: if the British and the Russians failed to control Afghanistan, what chance have we? Especially since we have a president who seems more concerned about his reputation on the left than about our soldiers being killed.

It is simple, Obama: you hired Gen. McChrystal, you yourself know nothing of military matters. Listen to your military commanders or replace them and be specific as to what you want that is different than what McChrystal gave you.

Voting “present” is no longer an option.


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