“I’m not interested in victory”

The quotation is from B. H. Obama, currently taking a sabbatical from community organizing and play-acting as president of the United States.

As reported at the Corner, this q&a on the topic of sanctioning rogue state Iran for its blatant nuclear weapons program:

Reporter: What kind of sanctions, at all, would have bite with Iran?

Obama: This isn’t a football game, I’m not interested in victory, but solving the problem. . . . My expectation is that we’re going to explore with our allies . . . a wide range of options . . . should Iran decline to engage in ways that are responsible.

It is good to know that our president is “not interested in victory.” No, Obama doesn’t care about victory. He’s all about “engagement” and process.

What he does appear to be interested in is to be loved by all the world’s tinpot tyrants and Islamic thugs. It follows that he will almost certainly succeed in not achieving victory, as he bows and scrapes before Iran, the Saudis, the Syrians, the Russians, you name them.

Would that somebody would remind this poseur that it’s not about him: it’s about our national security safety, and the safety of our allies.

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