Nuclear fools

Bishop N.T. “Tom” Wright is a liberal Anglican. That’s not exactly redundant, but pretty close. Theologically, as best I understand it, Bishop Wright is a stalwart defender of the Trinity, which puts him to the far right in Church of England circles. Politically, though, he seems to be a bit of a lefty squish.

On the topic of nuclear disarmament, Consider this foolishness in today’s On Faith section of the WaPo:

“…most of the world wants nuclear weapons because they’re afraid, and the country most of them are afraid of is the United States.”

A reasonable man would have to modify this silliness with a statement such as “This fear is unwarranted and thus irrational, but exists among various tyrannies around the globe.”

But, of course, absent context, the statement stands, or falls, on its merits. Mostly falls. Does Wright believe that Pakistan developed nukes because it was afraid of us, or, just maybe, it was afraid of nuclear-armed India? Hmm. As for the Norks, it’s impossible to surmise what Dear Leader and his sycophants are afraid of. Us? China? South Korea? Maybe they’re just irrational actors in a rogue state, Bishop.

Iran? They claim to want to rid the world of Jews with their nukes. Perhaps the Church of England applauds this; it’s been trying to rid England of Jews for centuries.

The point is that some churchmen are too quick to lend their authority to foolish notions. Is the United States an actual threat to any nation that is peaceable, and merely wishes to live and let live? No; for many decades we have only been a threat to rogue nations and communist dictatorships. It takes quite a bit of willful blindness to believe otherwise.


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