You don’t say

Obama’s selection as our military commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, requested more troops at the end of August. The president, being who he is, voted “present” and has been dithering on whether to go along with his man on the ground.

Obama, no doubt drawing on his years as a military commander and geopolitical strategist (“what ward on Southside Chicago does McChrystal represent, again?”) is deeply contemplating what the correct military posture should be. Look, this is both easy, and hard. It is easy, in the sense that what we used to call the “school solution” at the War College is plain as day: go with your military guy’s request.

It is also hard, since, despite what Obama the Liar said about the “good war,” the “necessary war,” he is unwilling to annoy his anti-war base. Obama’s lack of action on Afghanistan should make it crystal clear, if not McChrystal clear, that Obama the perpetual campaigner only said what he said about the Afghan war in order to poke at his predecessor.

Obama should man up and either go along with his general’s firm recommendation, or man up and admit that he was wrong about Afghanistan and not go along with it. Good luck with Obama ever admitting a mistake.

The public seems to have noticed. Even the Obama cheering section known as the Washington Post, running what is likely a typically Democrat-skewed poll, admits this in a story headlined: U.S. deeply split on troop increase for Afghan war. From the story:

On the question of whether the administration has a clear strategy for Afghanistan, 63 percent of all Americans say it does not. More than eight in 10 Republicans, about two-thirds of independents and nearly half of Democrats think the administration does not have a clear plan.

You don’t say. “The administration does not have a clear plan.” That took some digging.

There is no easy answer, but we need our president to step up, stop voting “present,” and make a decision. Our men are dying out there. If the war is not worth fighting, so be it, tell the country, and admit you changed your mind.

If it is worth fighting, don’t listen to those partisan lefties who hate the idea of any projection of American force, and go all-in. If it is not worth fighting, pull the plug and admit your error. No more Americans should be sacrificed because you can’t man up. Be honest, and honorable. Two qualities notably absent from Obama and his minions in the White House.


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