“beyond disgraceful”

Last night, Charles Krauthammer had this to say about the Ditherer-in-Chief:

I want to point out one thing about what Obama had said when he talked about “the long years of drift.” There is something truly disgusting about the way he cannot refrain from attacking Bush when he’s being defensive about himself. I mean, it’s beyond disgraceful here. He won election a year ago. He became the Commander [in] Chief two months later. He announced his own strategy — not the Bush strategy, his strategy — six months ago, and it wasn’t off-handed, it was in a major address, with the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense standing with him. And now he’s still talking about “the drift” in the Bush years. What’s happening today is not a result of the drift, so-called, of the Bush years, it’s because of the drift in his years. It’s because of the flaws in his own strategy, which is what he’s actively examining.

The more Obama drifts, and votes “present,” the more Americans can see him for what he is: an impostor, a phony, an egoist who does not give a damn about our men and women in harm’s way. Who only cares about his own standing, about having the media and Hollywood and other liberal bastions continue to bow and scrape.

By the way, if the previous administration was so lousy in its prosecution of the war in Afghanistan, why on earth did he keep Bob Gates on as Secretary of Defense?

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