Shocked, shocked, we are: Iran has rejected the sweetheart deal brokered by the pro-Iran IAEA, the pro-Iran Russkies, the feckless French, and, Obambi the Appeaser and his outstretched hoof.

Turns out the mullahs were doing exactly what they wanted to: pretend to agree to cease-and-desist, have endless talks about nothing with the fools from Obamaland, and, then, at the right moment, go back to square one.

You can read all about it here, and here are some key words:

The long-awaited Iranian answer appeared to dash hopes that Tehran would be willing to quickly embrace engagement with the West on its nuclear program.

Key words among those key words are “long-awaited.” Iran’s game plan is to simply extend the talks indefinitely, appearing to agree, then reneging. The Iranians know that the West, nominally led by Obambi, will not have the stomach to do what must be done: bomb the crap out of Iran, until they surrender. Destroy their military, decapitate their leadership, until they surrender. No, not on Obama’s watch. His only tool is talk; he lacks the courage to do anything else. Mustn’t disturb his leftist base.

Iran knows this will never happen, and the Russkies, by providing world-class anti-aircraft technology to Iran, will ensure that Israel will not be able to destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

The central point? Absent an American foreign policy that is backed by military force, Iran will not change its course. Pretty speeches from the (TOTUS) TelePrompTer of the United States will not change their course.


One thought on “Shocker

  1. “bomb the crap out of Iran, until they surrender”

    Surrender what?

    Iran has not attacked another nation in 400 years.

    If they rejected these initiatives in their entirety and continued their enrichment programme they would still be well within the rules of the NPT. Any concession they might make at this point is exactly that – a concession over and above their obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which they are a signatory.

    Israel on the other hand, refuses to sign the NPT, possesses a nuclear arsenal which would, if properly challenged, disqualify them from U.S. aid under the provisions of the Symington/Glenn Amendments

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