Photo op in Dover

Honoring himself, not the fallen brave

So Obama went to Dover, Delaware, to “honor” some of our fallen brave. Mostly, he went to honor himself; else why have the White House press corps along for the ride? Oh, right, the photo op.

A real leader might have gone without the press entourage. Might have; President Bush met with the families of some of the fallen, and in private. It’s what a leader does: give comfort; don’t seek the limelight. Obama again demonstrates a lack of class, even as his drooling acolytes in the media claim the opposite. A class act would not have had any pictures taken; a class act would not have the ludicrous picture of a civilian giving a military salute.

In case he didn’t know, it is disrespectful of those in uniform to render a military salute when you are not in uniform. Especially when you’ve never been in uniform. But that’s small point, and perhaps some of the his staff, like retired Marine Commandant James Jones, could give Obama some private advice on this score.

Is there a political message in Obama’s trip to Dover? Of course, everything Obama does is calculated for his personal gain. In this case, it seems likely that the trip, “honoring” the military, is really a continuation of the left’s continuing drumbeat of “peace now” at any price. The incessant focus on the costs of the war (e.g. the Washington Post’s egregious “faces of the fallen”) may be preparing us for “McChrystal Lite,” with the message being “this war is too horrible to commit 40,000 more Americans to; let’s get it done on the cheap.”

Look, friends: war sucks. It is horrible. Men die, and so far, in Afghanistan, they appear to be dying to keep the opium flowing. However, they are also dying to prevent the Taliban’s resurgence. That’s a very good thing. And no, Barack and Hillary, there are no “moderate” Taliban.

So, Barack, make a damned decision. All in, or all out. No more of these half-assed, politically calibrated measures. Man up for once in your life. And whichever way you go, stand tall.


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