True colors

Dede Scozzafava, (RINO-NY) has shown her true colors. From the Watertown Daily News, this sums it up:

Please join me in voting for Bill Owens [the Democrat] on Tuesday. To address the tough challenges ahead, we must rise above partisanship and politics and work together. There’s too much at stake in this election to do otherwise.

She’s right. There’s too much at stake in this election. What’s wrong is that Scozzafava, who yesterday seemed to be appealing to Republican Party unity, today shows she’s content to support another vote for Nancy Pelosi in the House.

She may be a sore loser, having been drubbed by Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the polls. She is, no matter what else, just a loser who simply did not have the personality or campaign to appeal to conservatives in the north country of New York. And, take it from this New York City native who went to college upstate, New York’s 23rd CD is a different country that New York City.

It is conservative; American; not terribly “cosmopolitan.” Not fertile territory for Democrats, who have not won the seat for over a century.

As for whether Scozzafava is viewed as a sore loser, the tally will be in this Tuesday night. If Doug Hoffman wins, this should send a warning shot over the bow of the Obamatons: we’re taking back America, one election at a time.


One thought on “True colors

  1. I suspect that the evangelical dominance in the Republican Party will result in the party being relegated to a third party. I wonder if we may see a shift from the two parties we have known? At any rate, if traditional republicans are leaving, it is not because they have suddenly become democrats. Rather, they are being pushed out. I have posted that this will hurt the GOP. See:

    You might be interested in this article:

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