Chris Christie is New Jersey’s governor-elect. He won in a three-man race, besting incumbent Jon Corzine by about 4 percent.

Close? In Virginia, maybe, a four percent spread would be considered close. In New Jersey, which went for Obama by 15 points last year, this is a tidal wave. A turn against Democrat corruption and bribery of the electorate. A turn against the huge tax burden imposed by Democrats in New Jersey (highest property taxes in America). And, I daresay, a turn against Obama’s leftist policies.

Was this a referendum on Obama? Not personally; they most likely still like Obama. He’s a smooth talker, at least with a teleprompter. But his policies? Not so much. Therein lies the problem for Obama and Democrats nationally: they can’t keep pushing big government and more taxes. Voters don’t like these things. A lot.

I heard a liberal commentator refer to Christie’s win as a being a “squeaker.” Well, liberals, that pig won’t squeal. This election was anything but a “squeaker.” It was a solid defeat for Democrats, locally, and nationally. New Jersey, as here in Virginia, saw voters rebel against too much government. Against high taxes. Yes, this is Obama’s core: government doing everything and spending other people’s money doing it.

Next year, there will be at least 48 Democrat representatives who must face reelection, representatives who were elected in districts that had gone for Republicans in 2000, 2004, and, yes, wait for it, 2008. These cats are nervous, or should be: if they go along with horrendous increases in taxes and government control that have been sewn into the sausage that is the House version of the health care “reform” bill, then these Dems could also be gone this time in 2010.

Voters in New Jersey and Virginia have been paying attention. Obama says he was watching a basketball game last night, rather than focusing on the election returns. Keep watching, Barack. You’ll have plenty of time for that after January 20, 2013.


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