Yes, and we eat babies, too

If they are going to send idiots like Eleanor Holmes Norton to be their non-voting delegate in Congress, then it’s best for the country that they don’t get real congressmen or senators, who could do some real damage. “They” being the citizens of the People’s Republic of Columbia, otherwise known as our Nation’s Capital.

The latest from Holmes Norton is a parody of what seems to motivate the Left these days: a rabid combination of hyper-nannyism and blame-the-other-guys for your own troubles. Here’s the money quote, via The Hill:

“The District has a higher HIV/AIDS rate than cities with similar demographics in large part because of riders attached by Republicans,” Norton wrote in a letter on Tuesday. Republican efforts came β€œat the cost of many lives and illness caused by the spread of the virus,” she said.

Damn those flinty-eyed Bush Republicans. It’s all their fault. Let’s see. AIDS is caused by “riders attached by Republicans.” Hmm; that makes perfect sense.

No, Ellie baby. HIV and AIDS are caused, overwhelmingly, by personal choices: unprotected sex, mostly of the gay kind, and sharing needles to take illegal drugs. Yes, there are some innocent victims: newborns whose mamas are or were drug users; the occasional blood transfusion. Hopefully the latter cause is extraordinarily rare, thanks to vigilant screening of blood supplies by hospitals and blood banks.

But still, if you’ve got HIV or AIDS, chances are close to certain that you’ve brought it on yourself. “[R]iders attached by Republicans” did not cause you to stick your penis up another guy’s butt sans condom; “riders attached by Republicans” did not force you to take illegal drugs.

Look, those who contract HIV have our sympathy; just because their disease is self-inflicted doesn’t mean they are less deserving of medical care. Just as those who eat themselves into heart disease and diabetes are not less deserving. But let’s not blame others for our failures. The nanny state should not even attempt to take the place of personal responsibility. Inevitably, our personal choices are what we live, and die, by.

In the world of Holmes Norton, it is all on government to prevent us from doing harm to ourselves. In this Leftworld, the nanny state exists to run every facet of our lives, to protect us from hard surfaces, hangnails, running with scissors, and other vicissitudes of life. When such protection fails, as it must, the Leftworld of Holmes Norton blame us evil Republican baby-eaters.


One thought on “Yes, and we eat babies, too

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