A true believer

It is good, every now and again, to be reminded of how stupid, or evil, or both, some people can be. Case in point is one Iraqi ex-pat by the name of Andy Shallal, who established the lefty hangout Busboys and Poets.

Shallal has put up images of Che and Lenin in his eating establishment. Two mass murderers; nothing to see here, folks, move along…Shallal, who apparently escaped from Saddam’s Iraq (or was he one of Saddam’s able helpers; Shallal seems to have an affinity for brutal tyrants) is either stupid or evil to believe what is attributed to him in today’s WaPo. From an email cited by the Post:

Guevara and Lenin “represent the struggles of working people. . . . They fought against the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few.”

If tens of millions had to be tortured, sent to gulags, or killed outright in the fight “against the accumulation of wealth,” well, hard cheese: the People must be served.

Asshole is too kind a word for a man described as “liberal activist.” Used to be, liberals fought against tyrants. Used to be, liberals fought against tyrannical regimes that claimed to be of and for the people, yet brutally oppressed them. Ask FDR, Harry Truman, JFK. They were liberals all, but knew tyranny when they saw it.

Today, the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, is an apt reminder that tyranny is ever ready to rob people of their liberty, and, in the case of Che and Lenin, of their very lives. All in the name of the people, or course.

As for Che and Lenin, sic semper tyrannis. Those who would impose brutal tyranny in the name of the people over the people must be resisted. If Shallal and others who think that celebrating tyrants is harmless, ask the women Afghanistan who live under the Taliban; ask the women in Saudi Arabia; ask homosexuals in Iran; ask the Afro Cubans in prison in Cuba, thanks to Che’s brutality, enforced by the evil Castro brothers. The list is long, and will never want for new victims — as long as tyrants have their idiot enablers, such as Shallal.


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