Mainstream Islam

Andy McCarthy has a post up at the Corner that ought to be required reading for everyone in our intelligence apparat. His central point is that the traitorous killer Hasan is not an aberration in Islam; he is closer to the norm.

Apologists for Islam will quickly chime in, “look at all those Muslims who serve honorably in our armed forces!” Some, like the token Fox News liberal Geraldo Rivera, inflating the numbers for emphasis (he cited 15-16,000 Muslims on active duty; the actual number is about one-fifth that). Well, yes. Some Muslims do, indeed, serve without fragging their officers or killing unarmed soldiers. Isn’t that just grand.

As McCarthy writes,

The honorable service of many Muslims does not alter the reality that there is enormous pressure on Muslim soldiers, from their religious authorities, to sabotage American military operations. Hasan’s massacre of his fellow soldiers is the worst incident we’ve seen, but it’s hardly an isolated incident.

Worse, it is expected that Muslims who put their faith ahead of their nation will do exactly what Hasan did. The usual liberal argument, that there are Christian fanatics and Jewish fanatics who are violent, does not address the salient fact that neither religion’s mainstream calls for violent jihad. Islam’s mainstream does exactly that.

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