Adding insult to injury

343If you are not outraged over Obama’s plan to bring the 9-11 terrorists to New York for a civilian trial, you haven’t been paying close attention to world events.

The terrorists will be given constitutional rights, just as any American criminal would be. Don’t be shocked if their high-priced defense attorneys attempt to get them off because they weren’t read their Miranda rights. Good thing Obama wasn’t in charge during World War II; we’d all be speaking German or Japanese, those of us not killed in extermination camps.

Though a Virginian now for many years, I’m a native New Yorker (Bronx), and it’s only because I was first in my family to go to college that I did not join the NYPD.  Had a great career working in national security.  I’m retired now, but during my career, I served a three-year tour at the Pentagon, and still live in Arlington, Virginia.   So when those bastards took down the towers, and then crashed into the Pentagon, it was a double blow.

To now try some of the terrorists in Manhattan as if they were Americans accused of robbing a 7-11 is an insult to the blessed memory of the 343 Bravest and 23 Finest who gave their lives.   It’s an insult to any American, or should be.   That it is not to some speaks volumes about Obama and AG Holder, not to mention Mayor Mike who seems to have no problem with bringing that scum into New York City. I can’t see Rudy allowing this to happen on his watch.

Keep the flame alive; never forget.


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