Show trial

The inmates are truly in charge of the asylum. In a fit of moral preening, Obama and his pet attorney general Eric Send-’em-back-to-Cuba Holder have decreed that five terrorists will be given a civilian trial in lower Manhattan, conveniently close to the scene of one of the acts of war committed on 9-11-01.

We can not truly know Obama’s motives, just make an educated guess that someone whose middle name is “Hussein” and was born and raised as a Muslim simply can not fathom how his co-religionists could wage anything so un-peaceful as war against America. Truly, these misguided souls must be criminals, no different in spirit from Chicago thugs who rob a 7-11 and then lawyer up when caught.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed is the principal perp. He has proclaimed that he is responsible for 9-11. As a bonus, he claims to have been the one who actually beheaded the Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Pearl. AG Holder is confident that the feds will get a conviction in civilian court. He has said as much.

Just a few reasons holding a civilian trial in the United States is a stupid, bone-headed move, reeking of moral preening by the Obamatons:

  • The defendants not being convicted due to legal technicalities. Hey, they weren’t given their Miranda rights in Pushtun, were they?
  • Placing the judge, prosecutors, jurors, and citizens of New York at grave risk of a jihadi attack, along the lines of the Ft Hood jihadi, Hasan.
  • Providing a platform for jihadist nonsense, which is guaranteed to appeal to the apparently vast majority of Muslims who approve of jihad.

So, if any of these sweethearts are found innocent, does anyone believe they will simply walk out as free men onto the streets of New York? And, if they did, there should be articles of impeachment against Obama before those first footsteps’ echoes die away.

Contrariwise, if any are not convicted and they are simply locked up again, where is the justice? Oh, there will be pretty words (assuming that the otherwise malaprop Obama has a teleprompter). And then, most likely, the terrorists will be sent back to Gitmo.

Yes, there is a possibility that the federal court trial could result in conviction, and could even sentence the terrorists to the death penalty. I’d say there’s a good chance that, after the circus is well underway, the terrorists will be convicted by a jury and sentenced to life in prison. However, the jury will not be composed of their peers; it’s hard to find illegal jihadists in Manhattan willing to serve on juries. Hence, grounds for appeal. And wasting more money; continuing the circus.

But then we can all go home, and sleep comfortably in our beds, knowing that we have demonstrated our moral superiority. While the Muslim world assembles new recruits, energized by the show trial which will serve only to showcase the jihadi cause.

Nice work, Obambi.


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