Majority- Minority doom

A majority-minority congressional district is one in which non-Hispanic whites are a minority of the population. As the Wikipedia article drolly notes, “Majority-minority districts are often the result of racial gerrymandering.”

In simplest terms, many, if not most, of these districts were artificially created in order to assure that blacks would have some representation in Congress. One could argue that such an artifice might have been needed 40 years ago, but now that we’ve got a black president, is not. One could argue; don’t waste any breath on that.

Once a district has a black congressman, that’s it: the election of a white would likely be viewed as a racist act, even if the white was a stone-cold lefty, and the black he replaced a conservative stalwart. More to the point, once these majority-minority districts are created, they remain, ghettos, segregated bits of political real estate. Viva Jim Crow! Except this segregation was done in the name of racial equality.

One unintended consequence of majority-minority districts is to ensure the election of more whites in the vast majority of districts that are not black political ghettos. They also may spell doom for the Obamatons, because, as independents and moderate Democrats start to wake up from their Kool-aid-induced nightmare, now that Obama has been exposed as the lefty he always was, they are going to vote for folks who are the un-Obama: whites (and, in Florida, cubanos), of a mostly moderate and conservative hue.

Call it a backlash; call it justice. Whichever, there’s a very good chance that the Democrats are going to take a drubbing in next year’s congressional elections. And, even if blacks continue their unthinking, lemming-like marching in step with the Democratic Party, it won’t much effect the final result: which is likely to be a significant, if not massive, gain by Republicans.


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