an Obama trifecta

Victor Davis Hanson may appear to some as a scold, a conservative scold. But he’s my kind of scold, and what he writes almost always resonates as true. From his latest, a prognosis on ObamaFever, which may now be going into remission:

That said, I think not merely the thrill is gone, but a righteous anger about an Obama trifecta— of serial apologies and bows abroad, massive borrowing and deficit spending, and government-take overs of private spheres of life—is swelling up in the electorate. I haven’t seen in my lifetime anything quite like it. And this furor of being had has the potential not just to take Obama down, but also his ideology and supporters along with him for a generation.

I’ve said it before, and I say it again: Obama is not an American in his outlook. This has zero to do with his race; everything to do with his radical ideas and associations.

Not to mention that everything he says has a very, very short shelf life. Obama, less than one year into his presidency, has already passed his sell-by date. He either changes, and starts to govern from the center as he promised, or that trifecta that VDH writes of will rise up in righteous anger at the polls.


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