No exit

The Ditherer-in-Chief is expected to make a big pitch this coming Tuesday for his new-new strategy in Afghanistan. The Left is nervous, worried that Obama is going to need to pretend to man-up and commit new troops. The Right knows who Obama is, and can only hope that he does the right thing.

One thing we do know, is that Obama will make a pretty speech, assuming his teleprompter doesn’t fail. Only one thing that I would look for in this speech, a single word: victory. I’d accept “win,” and if either of these words is surrounded with a lot of vaporous what-ifs, maybe-ifs, when-ifs, then we’ll know that our Afghanistan adventure will fail for lack of a leader.

Even if Obama claims he wants victory, if he highlights a so-called “exit strategy” then we will know he does not really want victory. What he wants is to be able to devote his full attention to lefty health-care takeovers, cap-and-trade economy busters, and, basically, increasing the government’s intrusions into our lives.


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