Yellow (ribbon) president

The Ditherer-in-Chief’s speech did not meet my expectations: it wasn’t pretty. It was sad, partisan, and, worst for our national security, did not state what must be our primary objective: to win.

We are not engaged in Afghanistan to win. Sorry. We are in for “nation building,” as if this loose confederation of opium purveyors was ever or could ever be a real nation. Along the way in the speech, Obama trashed President Bush, who, Obama reminded us, got us bogged down in Iraq, taking our eyes of the opium prize in Afghanistan. And, best of all for the anti-war crowd, while raising the ante in the numbers of Americans in theater, Obama all but promised n the same sentence that all the enemy need do is wait 18 or so months and we would be out of his beard.

Obama is not brave enough to tell his lefty supporters to piss off, I’m now the president of all Americans. So he does the squishy yellow-ribbon thing: bring our troops home; peace at any cost; nevermind primitive concepts like “winning” or “victory.”

We can do better. Next time, let’s elect an American, not a post-modern multinational bower-to-foreign-potentates college professor.


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