Drop those lungs, eco-miscreant

Congratulations, you’ve just been declared a hazard to the environment. As have I, and every other organism on the planet that breathes air and expels carbon dioxide. Plants are ok, I suppose…they are nature’s little CO2 scrubbers.

The unelected eco-crats at the EPA has just done what Congress likely could not: declare, according to the WaPo, “carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions pose a danger to the public’s health and welfare.”

Congress can’t pass cap-and-trade? Not to worry. We eco-crats, we green warriors at EPA will do what can’t be done by our elected representatives. We, after all, are wise and all-knowing. We know what’s best for you.

Wait until this eco-crap starts to hurt in your pocketbook. Which it must, if EPA is at all serious about impacting the amount of carbon dioxide that we release. Not that said impact is necessary for being good stewards of our planet Earth. Can, should, this EPA usurpation of power be debated? Are you kidding? Didn’t Climategate teach you anything? The Al Gore and Obamaton Tinfoil Hat Brigades know all, see all.

Denying that carbon dioxide must be capped is akin to denying evolution, or that the Holocaust took place. You get the point: there is no debating with those whose religion is environmental purity.


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