Perfect Obama

Obama’s speech to the Nobel idiots was surprising in that he did not (directly) trash his own country. Must’ve been a disappointment to some in that crowd. However, these Eurolefties should not lose hope’n’change, should savor the flavor of the Obama Kool Aid.

There is one sentence in the speech (full text here) in which Obama all but screams “I am one of you, a Utopian, a believer that the best and brightest can rule all.” This one sentence reveals the pure essence of Community Organizer Obama. It is the worst kind of Utopian daydreaming. Here’s the gem:

“But we do not have to think that human nature is perfect for us to still believe that the human condition can be perfected.”

Get it? We are not perfect by nature, yet, somehow, if we can just let Obama and his minions lead us into that blissful state of being, our condition will be perfect.

This is beyond nonsense. At very best, it is the belief, shared by most totalitarian ideologies, that human nature is malleable to the political will of a small band of enlightened leaders. And, as history has proven, those people who don’t go along with the state-mandated “perfection” are merely rough edges to be sanded or beaten down.

This one sentence is revealing, in that it probably unmasks the true Obama: a Utopian idiot who believes that government under his god-like leadership can perfect our condition. Obviously those who don’t go along with this program will need some serious re-education…

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