Path to victory

George Will dissects Obama’s omnipresence, and segues into a recipe for Republican victory: the health care “reform” mess.

Reform in scare quotes, for the simple reasons that a) no one, least of all its Democrat sponsors in Congress, knows exactly what they are voting for, and, b) it is beyond reason that any bill that expands health care coverage will save money. On the bright side, the bill’s apparent creation of over 100 new government entities will provide employment for otherwise unemployable bureaucrats with no skills.

The bills now being argued about may not cover abortion but will be abortions: big, gelatinous masses of vomitus from our porkulators and crooks on the Hill. About the best anyone in office now may be able to say is, “I did not vote for it.” Hence, Will’s logical conclusion:

Republicans can win in 2009 by stopping the bill, or in 2010 by saying: Unpopular health-care legislation passed because of a 60-40 party-line decision to bring it to a Senate vote. Therefore each incumbent Democrat is responsible for everything in the law.

Some non-RINO Republicans are standing in the gap, fighting: Sens. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Jim DeMint (R-SC).

Men such as these are the exception to the rule in Congress: men of principle, not pander.


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