I’m principled; you’re partisan

The reliably partisan WaPo has an interesting story on an apparently moderate freshman Democrat congressman from North Carolina. Rep. Larry Kissell is among the so-called Blue Dog Democrats who voted against the Democrat’s crown jewel of health care “reform.”

From the WaPo, this picture of a man who has apparently placed principle above party, or, at least, his political survival above party:

Now, one year later, the euphoria has given way to second thoughts at best and outright rebellion at worst. Kissell is siding with Republicans on Obama’s top domestic priority, fixing the nation’s health insurance system, and his “no” vote has enraged fellow Democrats…

…Many Democrats here gave him money and knocked on doors for him because they saw in him a break with the partisanship of Robin Hayes, his Republican predecessor.

Get that? The Republican was “partisan.” When the Democrat chooses to vote with the other party, he is still…partisan? Clearly the the WaPo writer does not know what the word means.

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