Ben is bent

Well, it looks as though Harry Reid will, possibly, get his Christmas turkey of a health care bill voted on before Christmas. According to this posting at the Wall Street Journal, Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) has apparently agreed to vote to end debate on the health care bill.

Nelson commits the Dem heresy of being pro-life, and, as such, he insisted that taxpayers not be required to fund abortions. After intense negotiations, Nelson has caved. According to the WSJ, Nelson was also

raising a proposal to exempt nonprofit insurance companies from a proposed tax on the industry, people familiar with the talks said. He was also seeking ways to ease the financial burden that would be imposed on Nebraska under the bill’s proposed expansion of Medicaid, the federal-state health program for the poor.

Reid must have provided Nelson more information than the rest of the Senate has, since, again per the WSJ,

Mr. Reid has yet to unveil a new version of his legislation, and the Congressional Budget Office hasn’t released a cost estimate.

Good luck to any senator who votes for this turkey without knowing what’s in its giblets.

Why the rush to pass this thing before Christmas? Because the Dems seem to know that what is known about this “reform” is very unpopular with Americans. And, the longer it lingers, the more details leak out, the worse it gets. And politicians, above all, need to be elected.

What don’t we Americans like about the “reform?” More bureaucracies, more taxes, bigger deficits. Oh, and lovely unfunded mandates imposed on the states in the form of expansions of Medicaid, which states must contribute to out of their budgets. Which, for many if not most states, means cuts in other services or hikes in state taxes.

Way to go Ben. I’ll bet your moderate-to-conservative voters back home in Nebraska are just going to love you, when next you ask for their votes.


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