This thing stinks on ice

From the reliably liberal Dan Balz of the WaPo, an analysis of why Democrats are, or should be, nervous:

Amidst the spectacle that has become the health care debate, Democrats have taken comfort in the belief that they will be rewarded politically if in the end they pass something — almost anything. That proposition is being sorely tested in these final days of maneuvering.

…right now the public believes the status quo is preferable to change.

To quote my late father, “this thing stinks on ice.” The more we know about the frantic Democrat rush to shove health care down our throat (or is it up another body opening?), the less appealing it becomes.

And, let the record show, it has largely been done in secret by a cabal of Dems, and then revealed to the stinking peasantry. One can only hope that not too much damage is done by Harry Reid and his liberal posse.


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