Darn global warming

We’re not going to make it to church today; we had 20 inches of snow yesterday and the church’s parking lot has yet to be plowed. Arlington, Virginia, where we live has a relatively mild climate, being not too far from the ocean and 38° 53′ N latitude. The point is that we very rarely get any snow in December, but yesterday’s was the most ever for a single day in December, and the most ever for the entire month of December.

It’s also unusually cold over in Europe, as related in the Wall Street Journal. Do these two data points mean that there is no global warming due to us evil humans? No, they are just two data points on climate. They should, however, cause all to listen to claims of climate apocalypse within (fill in any number of years) with a great deal of skepticism.

There’s a reason that the Church of Global Warming has become the Church of Climate Change. There is some evidence that the globe has actually been cooling over the past decade. Slight effect, yes. But cooling nonetheless. “Climate change” is a safe name. Climate has always been changing, from the dawn of time. How much of that change is due to things that we might (possibly) be able to control is an open question, and certainly not settled science.

Climategate, as scandalous as it is, does not prove anything, except that those in the Church of Climate Change do not tolerate heretical thoughts. What it does prove is that it would be unwise in the extreme to impoverish ourselves because some pompous ass who happens to look like Al Gore scolds us into what I call EcoGuilt.


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