“most dangerous and destructive president”

There’s a harsh interview with Nat Hentoff, a long-time libertarian. That is, a man who truly is a “civil rights” activist, without the dead-fish stinkery of most who claim that title.

Hentoff has been, in my less-than-perfect libertarian viewpoint, far too liberal on many things, far too ready to not support our national security. But, give the man his due, he has been a consistent voice in favor of individual liberty, of our God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Here are two quotations about Obama from Nat Hentoff that leapt off the page:

“I can’t think of a single area where Obama is not destructive.”

“I try to avoid hyperbole, but I think Obama is possibly the most dangerous and destructive president we have ever had.”

Read the interview, but be prepared to be depressed if you have any sense of who Nat Hentoff is: a man who has stood tall for civil liberties for most of a long, and brave life.

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