Farewell to the Noughties

Ah, the Noughties: the decade, now almost expired, that brought us much fear and loathing. Noughties is a Britishism, of course. We modern Yanks don’t call zero “naught.” But it does make sense, linguistically, as well as being a very nice play on the kind of stuff one may always find on Page 3.

Spiked is, in their words,

an online publication with the modest ambition of making history as well as reporting it. spiked stands for liberty, enlightenment, experimentation and excellence. Its priorities are content, content and content. (Although the design is not bad either.)

As part of their Brit-Libertarian quest to rid the world of silly notions, they’ve a series up, “Farewell to the Noughties.”

And good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. One of the worst things from a libertarian viewpoint? The huge gap between the nanny state’s perception of problems and their actuality. Some of the worst offenders are well exposed in this brief review.

I don’t agree with some of the article’s points, but the overall thrust is that government, for motives both good and bad, attempts to control every aspect of our lives. The war on obesity comes to mind as a wretched excess, both here and in Britain. And the swine flu panic? Nuts to that. Worst? The fear-mongers in the Church of Climate Change (my term, not Spiked’s). Why the worst? Because if we actually do as Al Gore and Putz Charles would have us do, we will all soon be Third-Worlders.

Sorry, Al and Chuck, I like my air conditioning.

Anyhow, do read Spiked: it’s a wake-up call from the Dead Tree mainstream media, and stuff you’ll likely never find on network television.


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