Barn door closing

Well, looks as though we’re going to do it again: over-react to a single incident, after-the-fact, and continue to harass millions of innocent passengers who want nothing more than to go about their business with minimal fuss. The basic reaction from our alien overlords in Washington? Summarized by this Wall Street Journal headline: Airlines Face Delays Amid Extra Security.

A more accurate headline would read “Passengers Face Delays Amid Extra Security.” This in reaction to a Muslim would-be terror bomber who began his journey in Nigeria, and boarded a plane in Amsterdam for a flight to Jihadi Haven, USA, a/k/a Detroit. This miscreant had explosives strapped to his leg, and was apparently too inept to set them off properly. Thankfully.

Now this wannabe jihadi was inbound to Detroit. So, naturallly, our beloved and equally inept Transportation Security Administration immediately clamped down on…wait for it…people outbound from Detroit. Makes perfect sense, given the morons at TSA who appear to be more concerned with giving offence to jihadis than actually catching them.

Look,people. I spent twenty years in the counter terror biz for our government. And all I can say is that if you are more worried about giving offence (through CT measures that actually work, such as profiling) than you are in catching bad guys before they can work their evil, then you are doomed to fail.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Americans will die because of political correctness. And because our government’s security apparatus is not truly focused on the actual threat: Muslim would-be terrorists. And let’s not hear any crap about the very, very few white terrorists: there’s only two who were truly “successful,” and one is a hero to some of our lefty and African American brethren: John Brown.

The point is that there is a virtual certainty that someone who wants to blow us up today is a Muslim. And that he (or she; the only area in which Muslim women have some measure of equality) will almost certainly be Middle Eastern and between the ages of 16 and 45.

My professional advice to TSA? Profile early and often. Look at behavior; search luggage at random or because there is some doubt. And, for God’s sake, hire some smart professionals who don’t look like they’ve just gotten their GED with a major in donut eating.


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