no parliament can bind its successors

Sometimes it takes a foreign-born perspective. Mark Steyn has a worthy diatribe against Pelosi-Reid-ObamaCare up at NRO. It is scary, indeed, the socialist future that Mark lays out for us. And, worst, I don’t think he is wrong.

But this post isn’t about the health care afterbirth that was carved, almost still-born, out of the Senate this past week. It’s about the very nature of our federal republic, and how it will be gutted by the socialized medicine that Obama and company want to impose on us. Here’s what is among the worst attempts to impose draconian dictatorship: the two-thirds rule, written into the health care bill, that should be found unconstitutional, but may not be: the Senate probably can set whatever whackadoodle rules for itself it sees fit:

Whatever happens, it’s a dagger at the heart of American federalism, just as the bill’s magisterial proclamation that the Independent Medicare Advisory Board can only be abolished by a two-thirds vote of the Senate strikes at one of the most basic principles of a free society — that no parliament can bind its successors.

The health bill may not pass; will not pass exactly as it is now written by the Senate. But it is wishful thinking to imagine that the lefties in the House who piss and moan about “no public option” or restrictive language on abortion will abandon their best shot ever at repealing our Constitution.

And the Senate will be left with an un-repealable section of its bill. Now the first thought must be that what the Senate has done, the Senate may undo. But not if Democrats remain in control. Which again emphasizes how vital the 2010 elections are. We need to send these bozos packing. Republicans have their problems, but attempting government takeover of one-sixth of our economy isn’t among them.

A small datum: My wife is almost ready to join me on the dark side of the political divide. I’m a Republican, and I shifted to the left to become one. She used to be a Democrat, but kind of misses the days when Democrats were for a strong national defense and were actually Americans, not socialist poseurs.

She now claims to be an independent, yet has voted straight Republican for as long as I remember. That speaks volumes, and may hold out hope that there is a sufficiency of independents like her, who will not stand for a socialist takeover.


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