Your system, maybe

Soon to be former (one may hope; is it 2012 yet?) Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano made what just may be the stupidest remark about how we deal with terrorists yesterday: “The system worked.”

This morning, she apparently backed away from her own stupidity, having been informed that it was only by the courage of a Dutch filmmaker and one of Flight 253’s crew that the plane did not go down in flames.

Now, Napolitano is not a stupid woman, meaning she is capable of learning. But she apparently has the same mindset as her boss, Barack Hussein Obama, that terrorism is a strictly law enforcement problem. Read them their rights, ensure they have the best (free) legal counsel available, and send them to New York City for trial. By all means make them comfortable; provide them culturally sensitive digs and don’t serve them pork.

When Napolitano said that the system “worked,” what she meant was that we responded to the almost-successful terrorist attack. That’s what police do, isn’t it? Respond to a 911 call, and arrest the miscreants. And ensure they have the full panoply of legal rights as they are brought to arraignment and trial.

Hey, Janet, baby: you are the nominal head of an agency that is supposed to prevent attacks. You are not just first responders. You have failed, again.


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