If only we close Gitmo

Obama and his minions came into office promising, among other things, to close our off-shore detention center in Cuba. Gitmo was giving us a bad rep in the terror community. Couldn’t have that. After all, Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t that evil and heartless George W. Bush or, shudder, Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney.

Yes, we were going to have a kinder, gentler administration, and all the world will fall down at our knees. They would, except they’d knock heads with Obama as he bows low and scrapes before the world, apologizing for everything that America had done B.O. Yeah, before Obama, before the healing of the planet, before he ceases the ocean’s rise. Assuming, of course, that unless we elected BHO, life as we knew it would come to a fiery, global-warming-induced catastrophic end.

There was no such thing as “terrorism,” just “man-caused disasters.” And, anyway, terrorists were motivated by, take your pick, a) poverty, b) American persecution and war against Muslims, c) Bush, Halliburton, and Dick Cheney. Among the fever swamps of the Democrat party and a BHO’s long-time church, it’s also the Jews’ fault for re-creating the State of Israel.

Fast-forward to Christmas Day, 2009. The Great One has been in office 11 months, he has bowed, scraped, and generally made himself look like the woman in a gay marriage: a sissy boy, prissy and self-involved, having no spine when it came to anything other than getting socialist programs up to speed in Congress.

Roosters; coming home; roosting. Gitmo is not, never was, the problem. It was a solution to a problem: what to do with irregular foreign combatants, captured on foreign battlefields, to ensure that they can do no harm for the duration of their war against us. Irregular combatants meaning they wore no uniform and were, generally, engaged in trying to kill American soldiers.

In any other war, such irregulars would be shot immediately after capture. We, however, did the humane thing, and took them in to Gitmo, giving them a much nicer life than they had in Afghanistan or Iraq. Not all those captured were actual irregulars, of course. Quite a few of these alleged innocents have been released. Also, unfortunately, more than a few hard-core terrorists, who have gone back straightaway to killing and maiming.

If Obama needed any evidence that catch-and-release is fine for fly casting but just doesn’t work with hard-core terrorists, it may be found here. But, of course, as Janet Napolitano told us last Sunday, there is “no evidence of wider terrorist plot.”

I’m surprised that Janet used the harsh word “terrorist.” Other than that, nothing to see here, move along…



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