Full stop

Learning something all the time. In the not very useful department, I now know that in British usage, title abbreviations, such as Mr. and Mrs. don’t have what our cousins across the pond call “full stops.” We call them periods, period.

So, over there, it’s Mr Smith greeted Mrs Smith with a kiss on the cheek and a loaded 9mil. Here, it’s Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith. And the mister here in America is a much better shot…

The rule is simple, apparently: the Brits omit the period if the word being abbreviated ends in the same letter. Mr for Mister, Mrs for Mistress, Dr for Doctor. If the entire word ends in a different letter than the abbreviation, there’s a period. E.g. Prof. for Professor, on both sides of the pond.

Just something to amuse your colleagues at break when you go back to the grind on Monday.

Happy New Year, y’all.


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