American frogs

We are going into dark and grave times. Our freedoms are going away, in small increments. America is akin to the frog in water being heated; it doesn’t know that the water is too hot until it is too late.

The latest was the bribe-and-go health care bill passed in the Senate. Two egregious problems for our liberty: requiring individual Americans to purchase a good or service (health insurance); funding one or more individual states’ Medicaid costs out of the general revenues.

Both are clear violations of our Constitution, yet most Americans don’t seem to know or care. Sen. Orrin Hatch get it in an op-ed in today’s WSJ.

We are a federal republic, not a social democracy. The man we elected as president is a college debater, who thinks that social democracy is fine and dandy. He is wrong, and, because of his willing helpers in what used to be a great political party, the Democrats, we shall all pay dearly for this amateur’s mistakes.

Public figures can’t (or shouldn’t) say this, because if they do they’ll be falsely charged with being racist. But I’ll say it: Barack Obama may be a natural born citizen, but he is anything but American in spirit. He is a foreigner in our midst, one who disdains the American project.

Time for some real change, not phony rhetoric. And it starts this year, with the mid-term elections. Let’s take back what is ours.


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