Sarah Palin: Jewish anti-matter

Jennifer Rubin has an article up in January’s Commentary, “Why Jews Hate Palin” (subscription required for full access). In it, she describes the special hatred of American Jews for one of the most authentic politicians to come down the pike in a generation: Sarah. Here’s my take in my letter to Commentary:

My first wife (we are long divorced) is Jewish, exactly as described: secular, socially liberal, from a deep blue state (Massachusetts). I am Christian, working class, and socially conservative. My idea of a good time is going to a bar in Southie. Her idea was a sale at Saks. Oil; water, but hey, I was young and ignorant when I proposed.

Although a decent and loving woman, she has the blind spots Jennifer ably portrays. She was, and remains, a princess, as in “the world owes me.” In this, by my observation, she is not remarkably different from most of her Jewish women friends. And they will never vote for Sarah. Ever.

Sarah Palin is the polar opposite, the anti-matter to this upper-middle class Jewish sense of entitlement. My take is that Palin should simply write off the Jewish vote, period. She simply can not connect with these people, even though their true best interests would be well served.

But here’s something that truly matters: I believe Sarah Palin will support Israel if not one Jew votes for her. She would do so because it is what she believes. It’s one of the reasons I would support her for president.

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