Surprising Kool Aid drinker

Rep. Jane Harman (D, what else?-CA) was on Fox&Friends this a.m., opining on the failures that led to the Nigerian Muslim coming close to killing almost 300 people on Northwest 253. Question: were there any single-point failures? Answer: No. It was a systemic failure.

Harman, normally a relatively sane Democrat, seems now to have partaken of the Obama Kool Aid. The Numinous One’s mantra is that “the government,” meaning the one he is supposed to be leader of, had a “systemic” failure. Obama has yet to take any personal responsibility for the failures, systemic or otherwise. He has promised to take action; one may only hope that these promises have a shelf life of more than 24 hours.

Regardless, nothing that is done will threaten the Obama theology that Gitmo must be shut down. Which Jane Harman, who should know better, has now joined in the bleating chorus. Getting back to failures that almost led to a major killing event, the “systemic” failure was composed of several single-point failures. Single-point meaning that Crotchy would not have gotten on that plane had the failures not occurred.

First and most obvious single-point failure? Whichever State Department or CIA clown received three warnings from Crotchy’s dad months before Crotchy got on that Detroit-bound plane. And did nothing to any effect. That should have been an immediate reason to promote Crotchy from watch list to no fly.

Second failure? How in the world does a young Muslim man get to fly inbound when a) paying cash, b) only flying one way, c) having no luggage? Any of these things, by themselves, should have alerted security in Amsterdam. All three, in concert, should have been an automatic no-fly pending some serious investigation.

Third failure? Crotchy was on a watch list, and Britain had revoked his visa. Just didn’t bother to tell us about it. Perhaps that’s because Obama has been doing his level best to downgrade our relationship with Great Britain. Perhaps B. Hussein should not have been so quick to return the bust of Winston Churchill?

Harman went on to opine that, while we should not repatriate the Yemeni terrorists now in Gitmo, we need to close Gitmo. Why? Because, according to this sheep in Dem clothing, Gitmo is the chief recruiting tool of al-qaeda. Which is nonsense. Al-qaeda does not need Gitmo as a recruiting tool. Anyone remember 9-11-01?

Harman, along with most of the rest of the Democrat party are our modern-day Pharisees, placing their ideology ahead of our national security. They are not to be trusted and should be voted out of office.


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