We’re all the same

Yet another lefty, yet another statement of moral equivalence between Islamic terror and us. This time from Tom Friedman at the Gray Lady, an over-long piece on how we should try to shame Muslims into doing the right thing. As in, stop blowing up innocents, and all the other wonderful things that the religion of peace has been doing over the centuries.

Here’s the fatuous kicker from Friedman:

Every faith has its violent extreme. The West is not immune.

Purest nonsense; on stilts. Yes, we have violent criminals, some of whom profess to be Christians and Jews. But terrorists? Islamis have held a virtual the monopoly on this franchise for many years. Yes, Tim McVeigh, and all of that. Oh, and Tim McVeigh. Did I mention Tim McVeigh?

My point is that, yes, here in America and world-wide against American interests there have been, thankfully, very, very few terrorist incidents involving someone who wasn’t a Muslim. How many involving those who were? And no end in sight, either.

Friedman is, at best, a well-intentioned idiot. He doesn’t stop when he’s behind, either:

The jihadists…are a political and moral problem for the Arab-Muslim system. If they won’t address this problem for us, I truly hope they will do it for themselves.

I don’t know Tom: why would I would give a fuzzy white rat’s sphincter what the Muslims did to each other, so long as they don’t do it to us?

Oh, yes, our common humanity. What we have learned, or should have from our reckless attempts at “nation building” in various hellholes, is that there is no end to the wickedness of our species. And that we can not invade all places and impose democracy; we haven’t even implanted a truly liberal democracy in Iraq. And it cost us far too many of our bravest men and women to even to get that Islamic pressure cooker being held together by chewing gum and duct tape.

The problem boils down to this: Muslims are committed to convert us all to their faith. As are Christians, of course (Matthew 28). Just that we don’t do it at the point of the sword or with suicide bombers.

Say this slowly: We are not like them. We are better; we are much more tolerant, and have true freedom, not just monkey-see-monkey-do elections. If you don’t believe it, go live in a Muslim nation as a Christian or Jew for a while (if you’re even allowed entry).

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