Baby, it’s cold outside

If you live in North America above the Rio Grande, you’ve perhaps noticed how blessedly cold it is. Colder than average; record-breaking cold. Where’s global warming when we need it?

Well, we all know, or should, that one colder-than average winter does not prove, or disprove, anything. But it does not make the near hysteria of the global warmists any easier to bear. There’s a very cogent summary up at First Things’ Second Hand Smoke, on, precisely, global warming hysteria.

Wesley Smith,the author, provides a neat summary of the principal objections to global warming as a religion, and notes that many of us commoners just aren’t converting to Al Gore’s church. He concludes:

Increasingly, the governing class seeks to push the governed where they don’t want to go. That works in autocratic societies. But we are still free. Unless the global warming alarmists change their ways, the public’s support for fighting “climate change” will continue to deflate like a tire punctured by a nail.

Climate has always been changing; always will be changing. We need to make sure we don’t leap off a cliff to fix something that may not be broken, or that is beyond our ability to fix.


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