Go, chowdah-heads

My Da grew up in Boston; I suffered many a night in Beantown being underage for (legal) drinking, not that my parents would ever have let me. Oh, and my first wife was a native of Haverhill. I know something about the Bay State, but I’ve been fairly well shocked at the prospect that Scott Brown could possibly pull an upset in the special election January 19 to fill Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat.

Note the emphasis on the “possibly.” But recent polling is all over the place, but with the ultra-left Martha Coakley’s support hovering around 50%, it is not beyond reason that Brown could pull it off. As regards a conservative Republican like Brown being a credible candidate to replace Kennedy, Mitt Romney had this to say during his recent interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox:

Yes, I think this is surprising a lot of people. Most people expected that a Democrat would just roll into Ted Kennedy’s seat, as Ted Kennedy has year after year after year. But Massachusetts is not as monolithic a liberal state as people think. Massachusetts voted for Ronald Reagan twice, elected the Republican governor 16 straight years. And right now, there’s a lot of anger in Massachusetts, among independents in particular, about the Obama health care plan. And I think what you’re seeing is people are flocking to Scott Brown. He’s narrowed the race. It’s a single-digit race now. And he’s raising money from across the country. I think he’s — he’s a guy who very well could win this thing. And he’s an independent-minded Republican. He’s not just a, you know, rubber stamp kind of guy. But he brings an energy and a passion and some experience to this race that I think is galvanizing support in Massachusetts.

B.H. Obama has apparently decided to not campaign for Coakley in Massachusetts. Could it be that he doesn’t wish to be associated with failure?

Hey, perhaps the Dems could send Harry Reid instead…


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