“light-skinned Negro”

Harry Reid is amusing; as a conservative Republican, I wouldn’t want him to step down as the Dem leader in the Senate. He, along with Joe Hairplug Biden, are the gifts that keep on giving. Reid may well lose in this year’s elections (yes, Dems, they still hold elections; Barry hasn’t been able to change that yet). Until he loses his seat we’ll get more from Harry.

But I’m not sure what his crime was. Was it using the old-school term “Negro?” I can’t believe that Harry meant any disrespect, given that he has a quick trigger when it comes to accusing Republicans of racism (Lott, Trent, one each).

Was it his use of the term “Negro dialect?” Which the Great Black Hope Obama turns on and off to suit his audience. And has said as much. Would it have made folks feel better if Reid had used the accurate term Ghetto English? No, didn’t think so.

Recall, it was used with reference to the Great Chameleon himself, B.H. Obama. Who can be all things to all men, all the time. I don’t doubt that Obama, being half-white, is upper-caste in the black community. Color matters; the lighter the better according to some. In Cuba, for example, dark Afro-Cubans are kept down, under the boot heels of the white(r) fidelistas.

Here in the states, comments made about our black citizens that are considered to not be politically correct are treated as the moral equivalent of wearing a white sheet and lynching. To which I say get a life. No harm, no foul. There are actual problems that people, black, white, and of all colors have, without worrying that some of our citizens are so sensitive they must be protected from the slightest hint of insult.


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