“Republicans can win in any state”

“If Massachusetts [special election for U.S. Senate] is close, Republicans can run and win in any state in the union.” Jim Geraghty nails it.

I fully expect the unexceptionally leftist (unexceptional for today’s Democrats) Martha Coakley to win. As was all but unanimously expected two months earlier. Now, however, it’s a horserace, with Republican Scott Brown pulling to within striking distance, and with Brown raking in the dough to help run his campaign ($1.3 million just yesterday).

That a no-name like Scott Brown can come even within spitting distance of an established Bay State Dem who has held state-wide office is remarkable. In the extreme.

Of course, if reports I read from Massachusetts are true, Scott Brown is no longer a no-name. He’s a man with a bright future in elective politics. And, best of all, that an actual conservative can be a threat to the “great” Teddy Leave-no-Mary-Jo Alive Kennedy’s senate seat means that 2010 portends to be a great comeback year for conservatives generally.


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