and, no class

Chuck Schumer, the nasty New York Democrat, gets into the gutter, calling Scott Brown a “tea-bagger.” Chuck must know what that means; perhaps he’s even performed the act. Surely a man of such dignity and decorum wouldn’t stoop to such gutter language. Except, via Hot Air, Schumer wrote this, asking support for Martha Coakley against Scott Brown in the Bay State:

Martha Coakley is running to fill the rest of Ted Kennedy’s term, and her opponent is a far-right tea-bagger Republican.

Chuck Schumer, a class act, as always.

By the way: any gays out there ought to know that liberal Democrats aren’t their true friends. After all, if the gay practice of teabagging was considered benign, the Schumers wouldn’t use it against conservatives. Schumer must regard it as an insult. And, shouldn’t our sexual preferences be off limits in political discourse?


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