Ifs, ands, and buts

Saint Obama the Unready is approaching one year as our Dear Leader, and the plaster hadn’t even even set on his Mt. Rushmore mold before a lot of folks started to notice that he is an unreconstructed leftist. He may have claimed he would govern from the center, and that he would be pragmatic.

May have; at best they were statements made in ignorance. Most likely, they were simply what he believed he needed to say in order to gain election. Obama’s brief history demonstrated only that he was on the far left of the Democrat spectrum. His close associations, getting past illegal or unethical kickbacks from friends such as Tony Rezko, demonstrated that Obama is far too tolerant of hatred on the left.

Now that he is attempting to be a leader, he’s finding it’s much, much harder. And not nearly as easy; blaming BushCheneyPalinHalliburton has worn thin. And some of his cheerleaders in the MSM seem to have caught on, but only in part.

One of those reliable cheerleaders is Dan Balz at the WaPo, who, rather remorsefully it seems to me, explains why Obama’s agenda is faring so poorly.

The complete headline in the dead tree edition of the WaPo this morning is:

“TESTING THE PROMISE OF PRAGMATISM Government’s increased role defines early policies, but voters’ concerns grow” (emphasis added).

That little three-letter word, “but,” speaks volumes about the Washington Post’s bias.

Mr. Balz and other Obamatons, the people are now afraid, very afraid, of huge federal deficits and trillion-dollar programs with nary a notion as to how they will be paid for. People voted for hope’n’change not because they wanted socialized everything. They voted for a change: from Bush fatigue; from seemingly endless wars attempting to remake Islamic hellholes into peaceful New England towns.

Voter’s concerns grow not despite “government’s increased role” but because of it. Perhaps the Tea-Parties and the huge voter swings in New Jersey and Virginia escaped notice. The mere possibility that a Republican might actually win in the upcoming Massachusetts U.S. Senate race should also be illuminating.

No, Washington Post, the correct headline is: Government’s increased role defines Obama, and voters’ concerns grow. Note that it is not just Obama’s “early” policies. It’s his policies, period. Or has Obama given up on trashing bankers, Wall Street, capitalists in general, and nationalizing health care?

Didn’t think so.


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