Yes, Obama, this is about you

Scott Brown won in Massachusetts not only because he was the better candidate than Martha Coakley. He was, by far, but the real reason was B.H. Obama, St. Barack the Unready, our Narcissist in Chief. Victor Davis Hanson has a cogent summary of what’s gone wrong with the promise of Obama.

In this particular case, Scott Brown ran explicitly against the threatened government takeover of health care. As the editors of National Review state, “The Massachusetts race was as close to a referendum on that legislation as can reasonably be imagined, and it lost.”

Not because of Coakley’s incompetence (she, after all, had won statewide office in the past). Not because the Bay State overnight became a nest of Ditto Heads. No; because of Obama’s signature non-accomplishment: the conspiracy, with Reid and Pelosi, to ram socialized medicine down our throats.

Actually, up another, less mentionable route. But we live to fight another day; hopefully the health care attacks from the far Left will cease.

Can’t hardly wait for the midterms this November.


2 thoughts on “Yes, Obama, this is about you

  1. So I am assuming you are also opposed to the government involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. I ask you, what is bigger government than the military?

    You must also be against the post office and the fire and police departments.

  2. Actually, I am against the Post Office. Incompetents; can’t compete with UPS or FedEx. If any doubt this, let UPS and others compete to send first class mail, which is now prohibited by law. See how long the good ‘ol USPS stays in business…

    Fire and police and the military are among the few government functions that I support fully.

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