It wasn’t the economy, stupid

Our next Huey Long is plotting how to bring his faux populist rage to the fore. Saint Barack the Unready is unleashing his populist fury on, pick ’em, the banks, insurance companies, big Pharma, and, probably, Wall Street greed. Gordon Gekko, where are you when we need you?

Obama claims that there is voter “anger” in Massachusetts and elsewhere, and that it’s the same anger that elected Mr. Hope’n’Change. Oh, and, of course, it was George Bush’s fault. Yep, Massachusetts voters, those dummies according to Obama, voted for a Republican because of being angry at George Bush and the Republicans. Uh-huh.

Charles Krauthammer has a typically biting piece today that has the bitter ring of truth about why Scott Brown won in the Bay State:

An astonishing 56 percent of Massachusetts voters, according to Rasmussen, called health care their top issue. In a Fabrizio, McLaughlin, & Associates poll, 78 percent of Brown voters said their vote was intended to stop Obamacare. Only a quarter of all voters in the Rasmussen poll cited the economy as their top issue, nicely refuting the Democratic view that Massachusetts was just the usual anti-incumbent resentment you expect in bad economic times.

The message for Obama: stop pushing unpopular and unnecessary offal in our faces, and then telling us we don’t understand why we don’t like it. You may not understand; we understand it very well, thank you.

But, we will continue to cling, with appropriate bitterness, of course, to our primitive superstitions: our God, our guns, and our God-given right to vote our conscience.


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