“a half-baked soufflé”

Well, if Mayor Mike would “prefer that they did it elsewhere,” then, clearly, the Obamatons will comply. This, according to the Daily News story.

I’m not at all surprised that Bloomberg came around. Having just spent the week in New York City, I can report that there is a lot of anger about having the terror show trial in Manhattan. Based on what I saw and heard, the entire notion of holding the trial is considered just plain stupid by most citizens who actually live there.

Visiting friends on the upper West Side, we heard them say, once they got past some choice descriptives of Obama and Eric Holder, why, exactly, don’t they try these mokes at Gitmo? Why should our city be put at risk, our citizens greatly inconvenienced, our businesses grossly harmed in their bottom line, when the terrorists aren’t even citizens, and have already confessed, and, basically, will never be released, regardless of the verdict?

Good questions that lack any credible answers. Obama and his lefty A.G. may somehow think that the Muslim world will like us better if we hold these show trials. They may, somehow, believe that giving these terrorists rights they don’t deserve will make us feel better about ourselves.

If they believe that giving unlawful combatants civilian trials has anything to do with our history or traditions, then they should be removed from office before they can do more damage.

Regardless, the Teleprompter in Chief and his flying monkey minions will press on, until some adults in Congress pull the plug on funding for the trial. Which is now estimated to cost at least $200 million per year. I know, I know: chump change in an administration that adds trillions to the deficit, and considers not increasing a small fraction of federal spending a “freeze.”

But, as the Daily News reports,

“They’re in a tizzy at Justice over Bloomberg,” a federal law enforcement official said. “It’s like a half-baked soufflé – the plan [to hold the trial in New York City] is collapsing.”

This administration’s half-baked decision to hold the trial anywhere in the United States is moral preening at best. But it also reflects the community organizer worldview that we’re all equal, all citizens of the world, that America is not exceptional. And that unlawful combatants should be read their Miranda rights before they are arrested.

By the way, I’m not a lawyer, don’t even play one on TV, but here’s a question: how can we, in a civil trial, convict a man who wasn’t read his Miranda rights?

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