Deeds, not words

The president is great at talking. As for doing, he stinks on ice. The problem is not with what he says, as much sounds good. The problem it is that you can’t believe him. Take a look at Victor Davis Hanson’s litany of the gap between the rhetoric and reality, if you doubt this.

So, the recent making-nice with the Republicans in Baltimore is less than meaningless. The mainstream media gushed over this show of bi-partisanship, but the reality is likely to be more of what we’ve now seen for the past year: blaming Bush; pushing nationalization of health care; trillion dollar deficits while “freezing” a few billion; talking down to the people, even after stultifying and excessive speechifying, telling us we just don’t get it.

No, my friends. It is Obama who doesn’t get it. The people, the more they learn about the man behind the curtain, the less they like what he is putting out. It’s not that they don’t like Obama; they don’t like his leftist policies.

His words are many, and are (usually) pretty. His deeds? No so pretty. And, as the great pretender Obama said himself at the recent get together with Republicans,

…no matter what’s happened in the past, the important thing for all of us is to move forward together.

Translation: stop opposing my bank-breaking and socialist ideas. However, Obama should know, and probably does know but won’t admit it, that Republicans would gladly “move forward together” if he could admit that he has erred, and will now actually move towards the center.

I would not hold my breath. Obama is a Nixonian mixture of vast ego and a cold, surly nature when it comes to those who don’t fall down and worship at his feet.


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