Blame the Pope?

Timothy Noah at Slate blames the Pope (for not granting absolution to U.S. Catholics on the abortion issue), more or less, for the apparent timely death of the health care monstrosities in the House and Senate. Not so fast, say I:

With all respect to Catholics, the Pope, the Magisterium, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, abortion per se is not the reason that the health care bill(s) failed. It is one reason, but it is hardly the only reason.

The bills failed because they would essentially nationalize health care through control of insurance. They failed because they were developed behind closed doors (violating Obama’s pledge of openness) and, since last summer, exclusively by Democrats (violating Obama’s pledge of “post-partisanship”).

Then there were the disgusting sweetheart deals: union members treated better than those not in unions; the Louisiana purchase and the Cornhusker kickback. The frantic push to pass health care before a series of arbitrary dates, also began to have an air of desperation about it.

Then there are the numerous additional taxes imposed, the mandate requiring Americans to buy a good or service (health insurance) or be fined, the virtual certainty of huge new government expenditures with resultant increases to our already spiraling debt.

If the largely unread 2,000+ page monstrosities were so good, why the rush to pass them before voters, let alone most senators and representatives had read them? And, finally, we’ve got administration hacks telling us, “don’t worry; you’ll like it after it passes.”

Sorry; this is not how you do it in a democracy. If the health care bills can’t survive in the light, they deserve to die.


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