Well, it’s one week until Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday, or, in French, Mardis Gras, is one week from yesterday. In New Orleans, among other places, it’s an invitation to eat, drink, and, well, you know the rest: because next Wednesday, February 17, is Ash Wednesday, starting the Lenten season of penance.

So, how perfect for Michelle Obama to publicly pronounce yet another nanny state program to protect us from ourselves: something called “Let’s Move.” There’s already a “Task Force on Childhood Obesity,” and, as night follows day, big bucks to be spent on correcting children’s behavior.

Because, don’t you know, there is an “epidemic of childhood obesity.” No, being fat isn’t a disease. It is something caused by eating too much and not exercising enough. In some cases, and I’m sure we’ve heard them from our fat friends and relatives, obesity is due to, take your pick, a glandular condition, having “big bones,” or a government conspiracy. Uh-huh.

Nope. Sorry, Michelle and Barry: obesity is, pretty much all of the time, caused by human beings eating too much of the wrong kinds of foods. Obesity is also kind of a class thing: if you are affluent, you may still be obese, but guaranteed it’s much less likely than if you’re on food stamps.

Not to worry: the government will set us straight; tell us what foods are bad, and, if necessary, send us to reeducation camps until we learn to eat properly and shop at Whole Foods…

Just kidding about that last. For now. The point is that this is nothing the government should be involved in. The folks that need to be taught are generally not interested, and it’s their bodies, damn it. Liberals like the Obamas just love telling us how to live our lives. They’re not getting the message, they’re not listening to Americans fairly screaming at them, “leave us alone.”

Until the government can convince us that Brussels sprouts and other gas-producing vegetables taste better than donuts and pizza and chocolate cake and ice cream and…


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